Meet Your Peers


I first began my journey into health and social services at the age of 17 when I graduated with my first certificate in human services in 2007. It wasn’t until my early 20’s that I began reflecting on my own wellbeing that I started accessing support for the struggles I was experiencing.

Today, I blend the knowledge that I gained from tertiary studies with the wisdom of my own experience to work alongside young people who continue to shape the way I practice.

I was born in Switzerland, I have two older siblings and I currently have 3 little nibbling’s and 2 more due in 2018. I really enjoy cooking and the simple things in life, but most of all I enjoy the company of others and our natural surroundings.


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I’ve worked in the mental health and addictions sector for many years, and my story of overcoming mental health struggles, and finding hope in recovery, is woven into the ways I support others.

I’m a mum of 3 girls – 25, 21 and 17, I enjoy spending time with whanau, I’m a big reader, and I LOVE to eat! 

Hope and respect are important, and I also think it’s OK to have fun too.  I’m passionate about supporting others to find their strengths, their voice and their way forward.