What is Paired Up?

We offer support to young people to develop the skills and resources to get through tough times.

We believe young people have the potential to find their own solutions – we’ll support creating connections through ‘activations’ where students can create and deliver events or activities that increase connection and open spaces for conversations about wellbeing.

We’re also looking for ‘peer activators’ – young people from within the Tāmaki school community who can guide their peers to access support and promote positive messages about connection and wellbeing.

We live by the values of manākitanga, mauri ora, whanaungatanga, and valuing diversity.

What is Peer Support?

People who have experienced challenges and hardship, share their stories of overcoming struggles to find brightness when it felt dark.

It’s about increasing feelings of hope; reducing stigma (it’s ok to not be ok) and building resilience to handle the tough times.